Offering a wide range of services across multiple areas of motion graphic design.


My Services

I've been fortunate to have worked across many areas of design, marketing, advertising, and TV. This experience helped me develop a varied skill set which I now apply to the different fields of motion design.

2D Animation

Animation is great way to present your idea when live video production isn’t necessarily possible. I’ll help bring your ideas to life using animation and motion graphics to promote your business or product in creative and inspiring ways.

Project Example: OnStar

3D Animation

Using 3D visuals and animations in your projects can help elevate them to impress your customers or clients. I can create incredible scenes and dynamic graphics that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in live video production.

Project Example: Isometric Rooms

Digital Advertising

There are many forms of digital video advertising, such as retail video screens, social and YouTube videos or even just animated GIFs for use in web banners or email marketing. I have plenty of experience in these areas and can help you advertise your business on any of these platforms.

Project Example: P&O Ferries

Explainer Videos

I can produce creative and engaging explainer videos in various illustrative styles, helping you explain your product or business to your clients, so that they can understand what benefits you can provide them. I can also help provide you with voiceovers, stock photos and video footage along with any others assets you may require.

Project Example: EasyJet

Social Media Posts

Video social media posts for online advertising have become a key area for any business. It’s proven that customers prefer engaging with video content instead of static imagery and text. I can help create a range of video social posts and stories for a variety of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Project Example: Cisco

Large Format Displays

Large format video displays are used across a number of industries, from corporate events to live music concerts or across stadiums and arenas where your favourite sporting events are held. I have experience in producing these large impactful graphics and can design and build creative videos or animations for your brand.

Project Example: Vauxhall

User Interfaces

You’ve seen them in films like Iron Man, Avengers, Oblivion or Ready Player One and now you need them in your own feature or product video. I can produce a range of user interface graphics, which are sometimes referred to as HUD (Heads Up Display) and FUI (Future/Fantasy User Interface) graphics. These really help bring a scene to life or help provide critical data visualisation for a product.

Project Example: OnStar

Visual Effects

If you’ve shot some live action video for your project and need to add special effects or want to comp in additional graphics to your green screen footage, I can help produce a wide variety of effects. These can vary from smoke, fire, weather, lightning, magic, energy beams, lasers or near enough anything else you can imagine!

Project Example: Xbox

Character Animation

Sometimes your videos will need some character animations, often in projects like an explainer video or in animated social posts. I have experience creating characters and bringing them to life using a number of creative and technical solutions utilising different walk cycles and pose-to-pose techniques.

Project Example: OnStar

Visualising & Retouching

It’s not all about motion graphics and video, as a number of my skills and past experience translate to visualising and image retouching. I can produce imagery for your advertising or product using Cinema 4D for 3D visuals and to carry out extensive retouching using Adobe Photoshop. These can be used to create CGI product shots, completely new visual environments, clean up and fix imagery from your recent photo shoot or pretty much anything else you can imagine!

Project Example: Retouching

Some of the brands I've worked with:

- Nike

- Microsoft

- MasterCard


- Intel

- Expedia

- Cisco

- Amazon

- The Guardian

- P&O Ferries

- Subway

- Xbox

- Costa Coffee


- Vauxhall

- Royal Mail

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