Ashley Hyatt
Motion Graphics Designer



Mokka X

Mokka X – Wembley Stadium Displays

Vauxhall is one of the biggest sponsors of the England Football team and I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that developed a campaign for Vauxhall’s Mokka X.

Working with an art director and copywriter, I developed an animated campaign that aimed at conveying the large size and rugged feel of the Mokka X. It features the use of bold typography to convey the perception of a large car. Since the campaign would run on large LED screens on the front of Wembley Stadium, there was considerable scope to show a range of motion in the animation. I used bold typography which hit the screens with a thud, whilst animated dust and debris exploded behind the lettering.

For the pitch side LED displays I had limited space, so the Mokka X could not be used in the same way. I used a slow vertical scroll to reveal the car and a tight crop which helped to convey the large size of the car within the displays limited height. The same bold typography from outside was repurposed to the different size.



GDPR – Animated Email Headers

Due to the upcoming GDPR restrictions being placed in Europe, Vauxhall was contacting their customers to keep in touch with them to provide them with features and services which may be of interest to them.

The emails themselves required animated headers, which were to have a playful take on similar road signs made famous by Banksy. The road signs had to be illustrated and then animated to bring them to life.

Throughout the design process, I had to keep a track of file sizes as we had to adhere to limits to fit email guidelines.


Mokka X – Reevoo

Vauxhall launched a campaign to promote the positive customer reviews for the Mokka X which were posted on the review site Reevoo. This involved producing a YouTube video that featured these reviews.


Awards Videos

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