Ashley Hyatt
Motion Graphics Designer



Features Overview

I have worked across many campaigns for TSB. Projects adhere to TSB's brand guidelines and feature meticulous typographic animations and are featured prominently on their website and official YouTube channel.


Digital Signage

The project involved creating animated typography for the bank’s digital signage. It was necessary to create designs that would reflect the bank’s image and be capable of replication across all branches with different personalised messaging.

Following strict guidelines, I helped push what was normally allowed much further by introducing TSB's secondary colour palette in ways that hadn't been used before. This really made some of the signage stand out more than it ever had previously.


Pick and Protect

This is the video I produced promoting 'Pick & Protect' home insurance which was featured on YouTube and other social channels.


Plus Account

Animated in the same style as TSB's other online videos, this focused on the added benefits of the Plus Account.