Ashley Hyatt
Motion Graphics Designer

P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries


Disneyland Competition

This campaign was for a month-long annual competition organised by P&O Ferries in collaboration with Disneyland Paris. Children submitted homemade videos on a specific theme through P&O’s Facebook page and winners were decided at the end of the month.

This year’s competition had the theme ‘You’ve Got Magic’ and the marketing campaign was to be relatively more polished than previous years. It involved creating the look and feel of a kids TV show combined with the excitement of X-Factor. Highlights of entries would be weekly but the announcement of the winner would be in a winners reveal video at the end of the month.

I developed a video introduction that features an animated magic wand which appears on the screen and shoots magical particles at the camera, which I created using Cinema 4D and X-Particles. The particles then animate to form a silhouette of Mickey’s head, which again reanimates to form the title. The renders were then placed into After Effects for post-editing and colour correction.


Explore Great Britain

This project features video and print advertising for P&O Ferries 'Visit Britain' marketing campaign. The theme focused on waking up in Britain and the amazing scenery you'll see and experiences you'll have while you're there.

I produced an animation for the outdoor digital displays, featuring stunning scenes, which were revealed in a first-person perspective as if you were opening your eyes.

The animation was adapted to multiple sizes for use in different European cities. All copy was written in the native language of each country, but has been translated to English for the purpose of this video.

Visit Bruges

This was a campaign for P&O Ferries in partnership with the Bruges tourist board.  The video was to be featured as an advert on YouTube and needed to highlight why you may like to visit Bruges.

The video was edited together using multiple parts of footage supplied from the Bruges tourist board, as well as some of P&O Ferries existing advertising. I also sourced stock footage where the supplied footage was not of good enough quality.


Ferry of the Future

P&O Ferries ran a competition through Facebook where they asked customers to submit ideas for their ferries of the future. The responses were quite varied, from the scientific to completely outrageous. It was my job to visualise some of these ideas to make the customers dreams become a reality, no matter how crazy they were. Some examples were a donut shaped hover ferry, a spider ferry on rocket propelled jet skies to a huge stingray shaped ferry with excursion tours. The end results were great and received a lot of customer engagement and they were great fun to work on.